As magazines and other print publications are looking to diversify revenue sources away from advertising, new emphasis is being placed on the age-old subscription.

Mindful Magazine, a leading print publication covering the burgeoning trend toward meditation, mindfulness, and mental health self-care, was looking for an opportunity to dip their toes into digital susbcriptions and paywalls. Our friends at The Family Knife worked with Mindful to conceive the Mindful30 program, and chose Tomodomo to provide implementation and development services.

Mindful30 is a thirty-day mindfulness program, with daily lessons, affirmations, and training from leading experts in the mindfulness community. Content was exclusive to paid subscribers, behind a Restrict Content Pro paywall.

However, the word "paywall" was never used with readers. As part of Tomodomo's effort to go beyond the paywall, Mindful30 was marketed as an exclusive member community, with unique/you-won't-find-it-anywhere-else content anchoring the campaign. Readers received access to this exclusive content in the digital portal, and also received a one-year magazine subscription through an integration with Mindful's print fulfilment partner.

Over the initial 30-day trial campaign, the program generated thousands of subscriptions and tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue. It also generated thousands of dollars for mindfulness charities through a unique donation tool that we built.

With the success of Mindful30, we've begun work with to bring the paywall functionality into their primary website as part of a major website revamp, scheduled for launch in early 2018.