We all take online shopping for granted, but e-commerce is a complex, intricate, and demanding business. eCommerceFuel helps its carefully curated community of entrepreneurs and industry leaders achieve their business goals.

Tomodomo worked with eCommerceFuel on a complete redesign of their core Vanilla Forums installation, and developed custom directories that make it possible for users to discover e-commerce software and service providers, and find members with specific skills and experiences.

"Appreciate all the work and effort. I think it's going to be great."

— Andrew Youderian, Founder

For over one thousand location-independent entrepreneurs, the Dynamite Circle is the first site they visit in the morning and the last site they visit at night. Tomodomo designed and built a custom Vanilla Forums theme for the DC that modernised and simplified its functionality.

"We have really enjoyed working with you and your team. You guys have been awesome to work with from start to finish."

— Jessica Malnik, Community Manager

Peter Shankman is a public relations wizard and event speaker, and the founder of Shankminds: a mastermind community where Peter and a group of devoted professionals swap business strategies, resources, and lifehacks. Shankman and Tomodomo collaborated on an early prototype of the Shankminds community, using the bbPress platform.

"Loving what I'm seeing. Very happy."

— Peter Shankman