You need a powerful, well-built web presence so you can grow your subscriber base and be part of the conversations in your industry, but mustering the resources needed to build the website that works best for you can be difficult. You might end up with an off-the-shelf solution, managed by an over-burdened tech person who has to contend with maintaining and extending a website they didn’t build, duct-taping it together to ensure it keeps working… but it’s always one bad software update away from collapse.

You know a web presence is important, but you’re a writer, editor, publisher — not a technologist. Your developers are focussed on keeping the server humming and there’s no time to think strategically about how you leverage technology. You don’t want to hire an outside agency, but you know you need some extra help and guidance to augment your efforts.

Does this sound familiar? If so, we’ve created a new solution for magazines like yours: Pathfinder by Tomodomo.

Pathfinder is a virtual CTO, product strategist, and lead developer mixed into a recurring consulting service. Here’s how it works…

Understanding your now

We kick off every relationship with a comprehensive Technology Stack Audit.

That means looking at the plugins you use and the services you integrate with, assessing your paywall and marketing technology, and compiling a database of the third-party providers you depend on. Our development experts look for potential security holes and weaknesses and evaluate the overall health of your code base.

This is all compiled into an action-oriented report which breaks down areas of risk, opportunities for growth, and an overall health assessment of the platform you’ve built.

Laying foundations

With the audit complete, we shift into action by picking critical risk areas from the report to rebuild. In this stage, we collaborate directly with your developers (and help you engage professionals from our trusted network, if needed) to patch up the problems and establish a working relationship with your team.

Typically, this phase also includes iterative improvements to your internal development processes and educating your developers on best practices for improving the quality of their work.

Preparing for growth

As we work on fixing the most critical issues, we work with you to understand your business needs. Have plans for a major subscription drive? Great — let’s figure out a way to set up the tech stack to handle the influx of new customers. Want to build out industry-leading email newsletters? Let’s see if there’s a product that fits your strategy, or see what it might take to build one.

Although we focus on magazines, we have expertise across a range of industries and can identify new opportunities for publishers that have been proven in other arenas. We’ll bring those ideas in based on your editorial strategy and business goals as we architect a Technology Growth Plan tailored around your team’s capabilities.

Building tomorrow

With a plan in place, we’ll help lead the charge to implement it. At a high level, that means a blend of project management and ongoing strategy focussed around iterative sprints. We will identify future leaders on your tech team, working toward a point where your team can be self-directed and think more holistically and strategically.


All plans require a $4999 initial audit


$899 per month

Code review: 4 hours per month
Quarterly strategy session
Email support


$2499 per month

Code review: Unlimited
Monthly strategy session
Monthly check-in calls
Monthly implementation reports
Unlimited Slack support


$5999 per month

Code Review: Unlimited
Monthly strategy sessions
Weekly check-ins
Weekly implementation reports
Unlimited Slack support
Innovation community access